Frequently Asked Questions

The only way to make sure an image will be seen by future generations is to put it in a format that doesn't require a machine to read it.
- Joel Satore, National Geographic


What is a reveal & Order session?

This meeting takes place at my studio a week to 10 days after your session.This is where you get to pick from 25-30 of your portraits which ones you would like to purchase. There are 3 products to choose from to display your chosen portraits:

  1. Gallery-style wall art
  2. Heirloom albums
  3. Individual matted prints, which, when purchased in bulk, create Folio Box Collections.

Every portrait you purchase comes with two digital files: an archival backup file so you may reprint the portrait should something happen to the original, and a social media file, resized and lightly watermarked to prevent loss of quality on Facebook and confusion about how to give credit.

Do you have digital packages?

The studio focuses on printing your portraits, and  provides a la carte products so that customers only purchase what they love. While digital archival files are provided with every order, they are not sold individually. 

Do you only shoot in studio?

While 85-90% of all portrait sessions do take place at the studio on the Georgetown Square, on-location commissions are also accepted. On location and/or travel fees apply.

Women will start hair and makeup at 9am and begin shooting around 10. If your spouse or family is also being photographed, they will come around 10:30am instead. Additional makeovers are available and start at 9am as well.

What time do shoots take place?

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