8 Websites You Didn't Know About to Plan & Inspire Your 2018 Family Photo

Planning the outfits for your family portraits can be intimidating, if you let it. While it may be "easy" or tempting to start rummaging through the kids' closets and see what "works" together, it could also be time to a) purchase a few special new outfits or b) renting an outfit!

In the creation of a portrait, there are 3 elements of style at play:

1) the clothing and the set style (are we in a home? a gap ad? in the street)
2) the lighting style (side lit? top lit? soft light? "stuffy" light?)
3) the emotion/connection/posing style (is everyone stiff? goofing off? laughing? kissing? embracing?)

So, start with inspiration photos of styling you like! Pinterest and Tumblr are obvious online go-tos for inspiration, but also also flip through the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harpers Bazaar, or Porter. Communicate with your photographer what styles you are drawn to. 

After you have some inspiration photos, check out these websites for your family and start planning!


To Rent:
Dream Shoot Rentals
Rent the Runway - now offering maternity rentals! 


To Buy:
Trish Scully (girls & women only)
Itty Bitty Toes
To Rent:
The Borrowed Boutique  (great for boys!)


To Rent:
The Black Tux

As always, consider how you'll show off your portraits when it's all said and done, and that will play into the styling of your portraits. 

If you have questions or comments, leave them below for me or email me at info@annakraftphotography.com!