Carsyn & Jon, Cont.~

I don't usually do a Tuesday post - since being back from my trip I've been posting on Mondays and Fridays. But yesterday on Good Morning, Monday (cue radio announcer's voice) I showed a one-photo Brenizer preview I took of fellow photographers Jon and Carsyn this past Saturday in south-west Oklahoma. And I just wanted to do a little explanation and wrap-up. There was this"Instameet" (Jon told me about it: it's where all these cray Instagram lovers basically go to have a Instagram veg-party and hang out and take photos all day and eat amazingly fresh longhorn burgers if they get the chance) down on Mt. Scott (not really a mountain) and luckily because of the slightly cooler summer we've had here, there was a lot of green instead of icky brown. We got to hang out and take photos of each other on our phones and our cameras, including a medium format camera, a holga, and tons of digital. (Go here to see some of my photos from the shoot! Hashtag: #MtScottInstameet ) 


Here's the rest of the conglomeration I did of Carsyn and Jon. Pleased as punch with their rad modeling skills and willingness to do whatever the heck I told them.

IMG_1586-Edit IMG_1529 IMG_1536 IMG_1564 IMG_1577 IMG_1567joncarsynIMG_1561 IMG_1559 IMG_1547 IMG_1556-Edit IMG_1560 IMG_1548 IMG_1593 IMG_1593-2

IMG_1542IMG_1595-Edit2 IMG_1551-Edit

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