Children Portrait - San Antonio & Austin

Straight up: I'm not much of a kid person. Well actually that's not true - it depends on the kid, you know?

But when I told my friend I didn't really photograph kids, I didn't realize at the time that there was a specific genre I had in my head that I didn't want to shoot - kids in wagons, kids on swings, kids in parks, kids playing with other kids. 

Since I started shooting more luxury and glamour, I realized I wanted to bring children into this world. I wanted them to be RL'd ("Ralph Lauren"'ed, my word), dressed up, poised, but still maintain that essence of childhood. 

These two girls reminded me of my own childhood with my little sister, and I have to say, I think all three of us massively enjoyed ourselves - I came away thinking maybe kids weren't so bad after all, and the girls came away realizing that the only reason that having your picture taken was ever NOT fun was because their brothers were involved. 

Anna Kraft4 Comments