Cozumel... Roatan... Belize

My husband and I finally took our first vacation (family and otherwise) this May! I don't know that we have ever actually taken a trip that was just about us relaxing and spending time together, and this was so so special and so needed this year. I can't "turn off" the photographer in me and even though this is work, it's also my passion, so while I did make sure to relax, I also had my camera with me much of the time. 

For those of you who haven't been on a cruise, it definitely is a fun experience, and actually a pretty great way to vacation and travel if you are on a budget. Our ports-of-call were Cozumel, MX - Belize City, Belize - Roatan, HN. Cozumel and Roatan were the favorites. We spent the day at an all-inclusive resort in Cozumel (helllllooooooo alcohol) and had a great guide who took us to a nearly-private beach with a bar across the street (hellllllllooooooooo $2 margaritas the size of my face). 

Some of you have been following this blog since 2013 where I blogged our trip weekly from Minneapolis to the west coast to the southwest, and so in the spirit of 2013, I'm thrilled to share some images from our trip.