Exploration: A Bus Story

Life is funny in it's throws and bumps. I found myself during one of those funny bumps riding the bus every morning for work during part of the summer. (follow #thebusstories on IG if you care to see what that looked like.)

Prior to taking the bus, I had certain..... expectations. Expectations about the bus drivers. the experience. the people on the bus. expectations of myself. This was important for me. and once I embraced riding the bus, i was able to create these photographs of people. i didn't reach into their lives, save for the picture; i didn't ask them about themselves, or pry - they were going to work, or going to school, or dropping off a kid. i just saved the moments and the morning light.


3550001806-R1-012-4A 3550001806-R1-068-32A 3550001806-R1-070-33A 3550001806-R1-060-28A 3550001806-R1-064-30A 3550001806-R1-072-34A 3550001806-R1-074-35A 3550001806-R1-048-22A 3550001806-R1-038-17A 3550001806-R1-030-13A 3550001806-R1-028-12A 3550001806-R1-022-9A 3550001806-R1-016-6A 3550001806-R1-008-2A 3550001806-R1-010-3A 3550001806-R1-042-19A 3550001806-R1-040-18A 3550001806-R1-036-16A 3550001806-R1-034-15A 3550001806-R1-032-14A 3550001806-R1-020-8A 3550001806-R1-056-26A 3550001806-R1-062-29A 3550001806-R1-066-31A 3550001806-R1-058-27A 3550001806-R1-052-24A 3550001806-R1-014-5A 3550001806-R1-076-36A 3550001806-R1-018-7A

* photographed on film with kodak portra 400 <3