Happy Weekend/An Introduction

So a while back I mentioned doing family portraits. It was August, though, admittedly. And it's really hard to think about Christmas when school's not even back in session.

But.... the Halloween displays have made their debut at Walmart, and the happy girls with plaid skirts and the smirking little boys in sweater vests and neckties have been replaced with sheeted ghosts and little green faces. It's here. The holiday season is beginning. Granted, it didn't used to begin this early. It's fun to hem and haw about commercialism for a while, but in the end, you have to admit the holidays are really good about sneaking up on you.

Additionally, in the hectic holidays, who has time for a full-fledged family photo session anyway? Not this girl.

And with that long-winded preface, let's get down to business.

130912 Mini Session



So let's break that down and get some details here.

What is a Mini Session? It's a shorter, condensed version of a regular portrait session. Mini-sessions vary in length, sometimes they are 15 minutes, sometimes 30 or 40. For the purposes of this mini session, 20 minutes is what I am offering.

Who will you photograph? I will do family or individuals. A family mini session will include several group photos of the family, then individual groups in that family (i.e. the parents, the boys, mom and the boys, etc.) and head shots of each person in the family. 15-20 photos will be delivered within 2 weeks of photographing. Individuals will receive the same amount of time as a family session. We will have a little more time to do some creative poses and lighting. There will be a variety of photographs taken, including head-shots and full body. 15-20 photos will be delivered within 2 weeks of photographing.

family sessions

Where is it going to be? In Oklahoma City. You will receive the details upon booking!

What should I WEAR? If you're an individual, wear whatever the heck you want! Make it personal. YOU. If you're a family, you can STILL wear whatever the heck you guys want! Put the toddler's favorite boots on him, let your daughter wear that flower in her hair with confidence. Usually a general color scheme is helpful, but matching sweaters are not necessary. Oh, and yes, you may bring your pet. Fifi or Butterscotch is a part of the family, too!

If you have any questions, shoot me at email!

Now then, have a blissful weekend.