High School Senior Portraits

(So technically Jerusha is in collage, but these are so darn good of this 19-year-old dream that I'm counting them in the catagory.)

Malachi and Jerusha came over to help with some light tests and I'm loving this Ralph-Lauren, but kind-of-old-hollywood-inspired photographs. We played with a variety of setups, posing, and lights. As I move to a more flexible lighting system that will allow me to photograph anywhere at any time, I'm having a grand time learning more about incredibly complex (yet always surprisingly simple!) dynamics of light. 

I also tried to keep these feeling like an editorial for a clothing ad, or actress headshot. I wanted a strong look for Jerusha, but a down-right gritty look for Malachi (who is moving into pro baseball (something I admittedly know nothing about but know that he needs to look cool)). This lead to post processing some of these with a heavy grain added manually in photoshop, and keeping some warm, slightly vintage undertones, specifically in Malachi's shot where his shirt is wrapped around his arms. Sometimes I brought back blue notes to keep a detached, cooler-than-you sort of feel. I achieved the heavy, gritty look in some of the shots by using black and white filters with a variety of blending modes. Definitely adding some of the tricks I learned to my repetoire!