PART 1: How to Organize Your Intention and Find Inspiration for Your Portrait

Start with the WHO & the WHY - the PURPOSE - of your portrait and go from there. Is this a boudoir shoot? Is this a couple's session? Are you celebrating a milestone or an anniversary? Time to get a good family portrait on the wall? Are the kids finally going to be in town?

Now ask yourself how you want these these portraits be DISPLAYED - the WHERE? There are three ways!
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1) Sleek and smart, a Portfolio Collection is an Italian heirloom box to treasure and savor each portrait.

2) A luxurious, hand-crafted fine art Album connects you with friends and family as you share the awe over the beautiful, lay-flat pages together.

3) And finally, a stunning piece or collection of Wall Art will stop you and your visitors in their tracks as they walk through your foyer or hallway - you can get the standard gallery-wall look, or elevate the luxury with a fine-art finish.

So, let's say you're putting together a family portrait, and you want a canvas for the mantle, and a folio box for the coffee table.  Now that you know the purpose and the way you want them displayed, it's time to ask yourself HOW you want to style this portrait shoot!

This post discusses the 3 parts of STYLING your family portrait, as well where to find those amazing outfits see you see in those viral photographs!

The next blog post will be on finding inspiration for your portrait and what to do with it once you have it!