Jessica | Dallas Wonder

I've had these photos on my mind a lot lately and need to get them off my chest. Jessica is an ever-so-lovely mama-to-be in the DFW area, and an incredible, sweet photographer. We talked about her new pregnancy during this photoshoot,where we photographed each other and dressed up in pretty black dresses and like anthropologie models, and heaped piles of clothing into the backseat while we tried on different lipsticks and and she couldn't hide how excited she was to be having her little raspberry bloom and grow inside.

Jessica friend, can't wait for your little boy's introduction to the world. He's going to have the best mama on earth.

IMG_3045 IMG_3192 IMG_3018 IMG_3050 IMG_3032 IMG_3037 IMG_3015 IMG_3036 IMG_3269 IMG_3214 IMG_3242 IMG_3293 IMG_3291 IMG_3286 IMG_3289 IMG_3296