Life | An Update

Each of our individual stories have all seen these full times. This is what makes life, life. In the last several months I've seen several dreams fade and other spring up and come to fruition.

I'm not going on my overseas' trip.... But I got a new apartment. It's a new city, and a new place, now... but I'm so much closer to my man. I won't learn to learn the lingo of Punjab... but I'll befriend the Austinites. Exotic meals won't be my main staple... but I'll get to host quiet, candle lit dinner parties in my own home.

It's all changed so quickly, so rapidly.

Last Saturday night, a week ago, I had party. There were lights, patio-dining, s'mores, burgers, and apple pie. That night I said goodbye to some of the greatest people I've ever had the privilege of knowing.

On Sunday, I left Oklahoma City and exchanged red dirt for the Austin hills.

I'm so immensely excited about this new volume of life I have before me. Great things are coming.

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