Luxe Organic Wedding in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Five years ago I walked into the Apple store in Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City in search of a pair of high quality earbuds so I could damage my ear drums in style.  Some friendly Apple guy offered to help me find a pair (you know how they are all so chirpy and cool and nice), and after he did he helped me check-out and casually asked what I did.

"Well, I'm a photographer," I responded. 

"Cool!" He said, "I am too!"

Inwardly, I rolled my eyes "Sure you are..." I thought. But he handed me his non-Apple business card and I put it in my pocket anyway. 

When I got home, I was just like, "Eh....What the heck." And looked up the facebook page on the business card.

So... it turns out this guy actually WAS a photographer... and he was pretty good.

I was new the area, and had just booked a wedding Iowa. Well, I didn't know anyone in Iowa, let alone another photographer, and I needed a second shooter... So I sent him an email and asked if he would meet wih me because well see I had this job and that I needed someone to drive up with me, and I wanted to "interview" him.  He kindly acquiesced to my tried-too-hard-to-be-confident-and-definitely-came-off-as-condescending proposition, and we met at Coffee Slingers shortly thereafter. 

As it turns out, this guy and I had a ton in common, and fortunately he was up for an adventure with a moody, sarcastic, Californian to Iowa. Somehow, we've been friends ever since.

This October, Ben married his very best, sweet, beautiful friend Ashlyn, and, unbelievably, I got to be the lucky duck who shot his wedding.

I absolutely love them and I absolutely loved this wedding.

Anna KraftComment