Mini Sessions | Part 2

Aaaand here are is the second part of the Holiday Mini Sessions! Kortnee & Ethan are just an absolutely precious couple. SO. MUCH. LAUGHING. And so much adorablness. And Rui? My goodness. She and her friends showed up and it was basically party time. She is the CUTEST thing and photographing her was one of the highlights of my week.


IMG_3357 kortnee3 IMG_3342IMG_3279 IMG_3280 kortnee6 kortnee4 IMG_3315 IMG_3384 kortnee5 IMG_3331kortnee7 IMG_3243 Untitled_Panorama1 rui6 rui2 rui1 rui8 IMG_3449 rui5 IMG_3649 rui4 IMG_3592