Georgetown Mommy & Me Photos


The NY Times just published a fabulous article by Diksha Basu that is perfect for today's blogpost - not only is it about the "rebranding" of Motherhood, but I think it's also about taking back what Motherhood is and should be! I highly recommend the read.

Speaking of mothers, I absolutely adored this portrait session. Rebecca has gorgeous, classy sass to her personality and wardrobe, and playful little Olive is just the spitting image of her mama. Just look at those big, dark eyes! Mommy & Me photo sessions are some of my favorites. Just think how much Olive is going to love her portrait collection of prints when she goes to college, or when she gets married, or - especially - if she has her own children one day?

As mothers, we naturally turn to our own mamas, good or bad, to discover our own identity and to figure out who we should or shouldn't be. Olive will have so much to look up to and so much to look forward to. I look forward to hearing how their little family portrait will be displayed and loved in the years to come.