Mother & Daughter Portraits

“I will teach my daughter to color outside the lines, to make mistakes, to take risks, and not be afraid to fail. I will teach her that even when the world tries to knock her down the best revenge is getting up and forging ahead. I will teach her to be brave enough to be different, to stand up for what's right. To never quiet her voice to make someone else feel comfortable. Because no one remembers the person that fits in. It's the one who stands out that people won't be able to forget.”

- Nancy Arroyo Ruffin

I love photographing mothers and daughters. The root and the shoot. The queen and the princess. There is something sacred and precious about the relationship between the younger and the older, whether a blood mother or a heart mother. To have a mother figure in your life means that you are truly lucky. I've seen girls LIGHT UP to be photographed with their mothers and it is the most beautiful experience. Mothers, these photos will be TREASURED by your daughter one day. Don't shy away from the camera - capture the now, this beauty.