My Story - Mother Maker Interview

In case you guys missed it, Emma Koi, founder of Mother Maker and mama to her own little one, interviewed me for her online magazine. Mother Maker highlights artists who also happen to be mothers, and how becoming a mother changed or defined our paths AS artists.

This was a huge excitement and delight for me (I'd never been intervied before... OMG) and you can read the whole thing here.

There are some photos of our little fam included in the interview, but I've been wanting to share some more to show you a little bit of my personal life and the fact that I do find ways to get in front of the camera with my kiddo, and you can see my relationship progress with my little W.

In all truth, having W changed my life and lit the fire under my butt to make. shit. happen and to actually make this business A BUSINESS. I am so thankful to the Lord for the gift he gave to K and me even when I was angry and crying for the first two weeks I found out I was pregnant. He knew what I needed. I needed this little ball of pudgy lard and chortling laughs.