Moving South | Week 2

Hey guys! Here's a small conglomeration of our second week on the road.  I'm writing from Crescent City, CALIFORNIA. We're finally in my home state! We've spent the last 4 nights in Redwood National Park and leave Thursday morning for a more southern destination. photo 5 (3)

Now, to pick up from last week.

Day 7 Woke up early in Seattle. Our host, Mareyoko, took us to Pike's Market. I erroneously believed at first that we were seeing the non-touristy, behind-the-scenes of the 'real' Seattle, but when I expressed my eagerness for this, she turned to me and said, "actually, this IS kind of a touristy thing to do..." I was only momentarily crushed. She then introduced me to the most LEGIT tourist attraction. Pike Place Market is nestled into a hill that overlooks part of Seattle's wharf and is home to local artists, local restaurants, and incredibly... delicious food. I was introduced to humbows, Turkish delight, turkish coffee, olive oil chocolate, and.... (wait for it....) CHOCOLATE PASTA. I KNOW.

IMG_9771IMG_9772IMG_9770 photo 2( Quick awws: check out the adorable hipster couple!)photo 3photo 2 (3)photo 1 (3)vscocam1355 vscocam1352


(By the way, just like I suspected, 90% of Seattle consists of urbanic hipsters.)

The rest of the day was spent ferry-ing from the wharf to Bainbridge Island, eating at Vege, and enormous cheesecake brownies from Rooster Cafe.

Wrapped up the evening with a movie and hot chocolate and half-awake conversation.


Day 8 bid Mar and her family farewell after a seriously gorgeous photoshoot and a SUSHI BELT. (A conveyor belt full of plates of sushi that you just PICK UP AND EAT. I'M PRETTY SURE I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN.)

Drove to Portland, made sure to stop at VooDoo donuts (Seriously weird and too good to finish) a redbox selection and spent the night there.

photo 5IMG_8791-Edit IMG_8811-Editphoto 1 (2)IMG_9024IMG_9025

Day 9 Re-stocked up on our food at Whole Foods in Downtown portland, and tried Barista PDX coffee at the recommendation of the fine Christian Watson, and made it to Crescent city in time for some good clam chowder with friends and set up camp at Jedidiah Smith Campground in the Redwoods.

photo 2 (2)photo 3 (2)IMG_9027photo 4 (2) photo 5 (2)

Spent some time freaking out at the GORGEOUS forest and the prehistoric-sized trees. My Austin guy kept saying how he expected to see a stegosaurus around the next bend. By now I probably wouldn't bat an eyelash if we actually did stumble onto one.

photo 4 (3) photo 5photo 1 photo 3 (3) photo 4 photo 3 photo 2

Enjoyed some time with friends on the beach after all that clam chowder and freaked out over the Austin Guy seeing a real California beach for the first time.


Day 10 Woke up late. Like, REALLY late. Went on an afternoon 4 mile roundtrip hike down to some craggy cliffs and got a little sunburnt. Was quite lovely.

vscocam1383 vscocam1384 vscocam1379 vscocam1380


Day 11 Sunday. Decided we liked Jedidiah Smith Campground so much, we got another site for one more night and after setting up, we spent the afternoon sunning like lizards on a rock and a little church service there. Had apple+gouda+ham quesadillas for dinner.

IMG_9083 IMG_9040 IMG_9045 IMG_9048 IMG_9062 IMG_9052 IMG_9082 IMG_9043 IMG_9063 IMG_9059 IMG_9078 IMG_9066 IMG_9089

Day 12 Left Jedidiah Smith Campground and came south to Elk Prairie Campground. (Let me tell you: there's a reason it's called ELK. PRAIRIE.)

Hung out on the beach for lunch, collected perfect sand dollars and walked into clear blue for miles.

photo 1 (3)

Checked into our campground and then drove to the Golden Bluffs for sunset. Drove right next to this stunning beauty and had to back up for a better shot. There he was, just munching away. RIGHT THERE.

IMG_9094 IMG_9095


And then I got hang out with my Austin man for his first California sunset on the ocean. It was colder than heck and my fingers went numb but it was SO worth it.

IMG_9097 IMG_9099 IMG_9108 IMG_9130 IMG_9131 IMG_9123 IMG_9122 IMG_9145 IMG_9125 IMG_9104 IMG_9143 IMG_9138


Day 13 Here I am, midday in a coffee shop, updating for you guys. Enjoying each moment, learning more about my tripmates and myself as each day progresses. Getting too distracted with life sometimes to remember to pick up my camera.... but that's the point, after all.

I suppose we may have a few plans for a hike or scenic drive later today. Maybe we'll just set up chairs and watch the Elk graze.


(^ taken by my brother!^ :D )