Personal Branding - Designer & Hostess


When Pattie contacted me to do her portraits, I knew immediately that these would just have a certain je ne sais quoi, simply because Pattie is on another level. Self-professed sun-worshipper, professional host (check out her air bnb listing!), minimalist aficionado with all the right textures, she is all my aspirational dreams - and yes I told her that (though I'm fairly certain she thought I was only flattering her). With short cropped hair, bold Warby Parkers, and tons of natural textures in her wardrobe at our disposal, I had a loose vision of her shoot from early on, but surprised even myself with how beautiful these turned out.

On a photographer's note, I am absolutely thrilled with the light we captured on Pattie. Combined with her sharp wardrobe and our precise styling, I feel we were able to capture a really next-level, high-fashion feel to these images. During a photoshoot, there is a give-and-take from subject to photographer; it's an interaction, a conversation, a relationship that forms that, as a photographer, I must stay aware of, and hold with discretion the trust that I am given. Pattie trusted me from the beginning, and you can really see her personality blossom in these gorgeous portraits.