Personal Branding - Women's Nutrition

Branding your business is a tricky thing. Even if you hire an agency to do it, you still have to make decisions that say "yes" to one design, and "no" to another design. Branding requires that you know who you are, that you know what you are about, and what you are not. It's not as easy as it sounds. 

For the small business owners, kickstarter campaigns, or the employee who is working his way to the top, it is imperative that you know exactly who you are and/or what your "brand" is. 

Recently I photographed Faith of Holistic-Faith, a nutritionist for women, since she needed some new headshots. These are examples of clean, professional, yet accessible portraits for the modern business woman or businessman, and showcase how you can achieve a variety of portraits and expressions even through one simple outfit.

Work smarter, not harder, and communicate yourself succinctly, successfully