Portrait of a Mother & Daughter (with a few extras thrown in....)

Mothers are just .... amazing. They are some of the most humble, beautiful people - I know my mom is. After giving birth to eight children (some of us worse than others...) she still has a heart of gold and compassion and grace that amazes me, and so many others are just like her. Yet in all of their sacrifice and their love they often put themselves last - especially when it comes to pictures. 

I'm going to change that. If you're a mother, just by definition you deserve to exist in photos. You've given life. You've already changed the world. And your children want to see you exist in photos for their children.  

After we did Lillian's ballet session, we did a few senior portraits and then did some fun, beautiful Mother & Daughter portraits of the two of them. The portraits we created are some of my all time favorites. 

"girls become lovers
who turn into mothers
so mothers be good
to your daughters, too"

- John Mayer

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