IMG_0122-EditThis was a darling shoot I had the pleasure of doing in Oklahoma City while I was visiting last weekend. These two girls are some of the closest sisters I've ever known and I wanted to bring out the sweet relationship between them, and how they've grown close in so many ways as they've stepped out of childhood and into this teenage molting, these two fresh beauties, dipping their toes in life. This shoot was a step of personal growth for me as well - trying out new techniques, new looks. My work has evolved so much, yet when I look at it, it's still me. It's still my thoughts, my visions coming to life before me. Creating is in my blood, very literally (we were a handsy-sort-of family growing up - always crafting or making or glueing or hammering or painting. The need to MAKE, to CREATE, to FORM is a strong one for us.). Nothing brings me as much joy as being able to create beauty and to bring it out of people. I actually COULD NOT WAIT to get home and finish the final product on these.

PS: enjoy the cameo by Ash, the kitten :)

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