of or connected with the sense of touch.
See also: tangible, palpable, 
material, physical, real, substantial, corporeal,solid, concrete

When I go shopping, it doesn't matter whether I'm "just browsing", or hellbent on finding a particular item: I let my hands graze the clothing, feeling the sensations of each fabric, the differences in stitching of each garment, stopping and pausing at the silks, the satin, the leathers, the gauze.

We are human, therefore we are tactile. We communicate through touch. We connect through it. We love someone - we touch them. We comfort someone - we hold them. Images are the same way. In this world where we can shout into the virtual void and create untouchable acquaintances in the abyss of the internet, and turn out instagram-after-instagram of stomach-turning falsities, it is more important than ever to hold our most precious memories, our families, and our likeness in tangible heirlooms. So that we and our friends and family can interact with the images. Hold the weight of them in our hands. Feel the substance in the pages, watch the sheen of each turn, smell the raw leather or nubby linen. 

Creating keepsake albums for proud coffee-table display is my deepest passion, and I can finally offer that to my clients. These are my pride and joy. 

The larger album is my 10x10 leather in "Baby Elephant", and the smaller album is my 8x8 linen in "Caribbean". All of the albums are 40 pages but we can always add more :) I bring the 3 swatch sets to each consultation so that you can get a feel for them at the start. All of the albums come in a custom canvas bag and wooden keepsake box for safe-keeping.

*happy sigh* these are my babies. I love them so much, and I promise, you will too.