The Ultimate Family Portrait in Modern Neutrals


I was re-reading C’s original email to me, and I fell in love with her and her family’s session all over again. Here’s what it said.

“To put it plainly, I am *not* looking for that very casual style of portraits that seems to have taken over (family in jeans walking through outdoor space of choice). I want something special that I will think is just as lovely 20 years from now as I do today.”

I thought, YOU ARE MY CLIENT. And she was. We created a gorgeous, huge portrait for above her fireplace as well as a collection of smaller Italian Shadowbox portraits. We’re both so proud of these portraits - gorgeous symbols of motherhood and family. How strong and sexy does this woman look? She’s works long distance providing for her family while also dedicating this time in her life to her baby girl. I’m so proud of her for prioritizing her family and these moments in a way both she and her daughter will cherish for the rest of their lives.