This is what makes us girls.

Wait," I said. "You booked a flight for which weekend?" Post elopement/honeymoon, sometimes things get lost in translation, and my trinity of friends all booked their flights for the April weekend before my wedding reception, following my hazy affirmation of plans. However, in their true Romantic fashion, they turned tragedy into triumph and we enjoyed a perfect girls weekend in Austin, sipping wine, sharing memories and stories, tasting new foods, people watching, taking hikes, making friends, hammock lazing, baby-playing, enjoying late night jazz (all dressed up) finding breweries (yes, still dressed up), eating giant pizzas in the country, hunting for tacos.

There were more pictures than what you see here (captured digitally) but alas, I am still acquiring the hang of film photography and it seems my little film camera wasn't actually taking pictures. Grateful for the 21st century and my trusty DSLR :)

IMG_4092 IMG_4067 IMG_4065 IMG_4090 IMG_4073 IMG_4082 IMG_4071 IMG_4063IMG_4089 IMG_4113IMG_4132 IMG_4127IMG_4158 IMG_4163 IMG_4161 IMG_4164 IMG_4178 IMG_4181IMG_4183