Vic | Portrait

She'll rip you to pieces. Your heart, that is.

I swear, every time I do a photoshoot of Victoria I think it's my favorite ever, but then I go and look at old work and I'm like, Gah, these are awesome!

Here's some more recent work. We chilled at a little corner cafe in Dallas (FYI, I'm a coffee-shop-light addict. CANNOT get enough of the natural light in big windows...) and happily split a Portabella Mushroom Sandwich. (Feeding our vegetarianism.)

We also took a few.... snapshots....

IMG_2415 IMG_2329 vic8 vic6 IMG_2274 vic5 IMG_2281-Edit vic4 IMG_2389 vic9 vic2 IMG_2297 vic7 IMG_2426 vic10 IMG_2156 vic3 IMG_2293 vic1 IMG_2223-Edit