Young Living Queen Christa Smith: Royal Crown Diamond


After her branding session in the spring, Christa suggested traveling to her family’s home in the country to document “a day in the life of”. (Christa is the only Young Living Royal Crown Diamond to have 15 children, I’m pretty sure.)

So what does a day in the life of Christa Smith look like?

In the hot summer months, the young ones happily involve themselves with book reading, crafting, and the occasional computer game. If the older teenagers and adult children aren’t cooking, researching, designing, or emailing for Christa, they spend lots of time snuggling the littles.

Christa works enough for about 5 women. She’s always on to her next venture and takes multiple national and international trips a year for speaking engagements, conferences team training… I think Eastern Europe is on the books for this fall? She will tell you, oils are her saving grace. They changed her life and she lives and breathes this truth, educating fellow moms, women, and parents.

I’ve missed the photo-journalistic side of photography. It will always hold a deep, profound place in my heart. This trip to photograph Christa & Co. was a treasure.